Finding the Right Treatment for Your Little Companion

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All Creatures Veterinary Hospital provides health and medical care for small animals, including exotic animals. Throughout our 40 years, we’ve treated cats, dogs, gerbils, ferrets, hamsters and some other animals as well.

Our teams takes pride in our diverse small animal experience. Combined, our 4-5 doctors have 100 years of experience diagnosing and treating animal diseases, disorders and injuries. You can trust our team of skilled and certified veterinarians for any of the following services:

• Soft tissue surgery / general surgery
• Digital x-rays & ultra sounds
• Laser therapy (for inflammation and recovery)
• Medicine (through our in-house pharmacy)

Everything from simple vaccinations to complex surgeries can be provided at All Creatures Veterinary Hospital. Not only do we provide top-quality medical and health care for small animals, we provide caring and compassionate services for our clients and their little ones.

Individuals throughout Evansville continue to come to our animal hospital because of how we approach the situation. It’s already a stressful endeavor to see your companion face a health issue. Expect our team to be kind and comforting so we all can get through this together.

We know how much your pet is an integral unit in your household, and in your life. You can expect our team to give you personalized attention, and to give your animal the love and care it deserves during this trying time.

Find the right treatment to address the needs of your small animal by relying on All Creatures Veterinary Hospital. Easily schedule an appointment with our animal care specialists today by calling (307)235-2884 today.